Texas-wide apartment locating services!

So you're ready to lease an apartment?


Wonderful! An apartment in Texas? Fantastic! What's not to love about the Lone Star State? It's big, beautiful and...


Wait, did I mention BIG? That's right. HUGE! Even for native Texans, choosing the right location amongst so many options can be a bit overwhelming. Would you prefer to be centrally located or along the Gulf of Mexico? Do you want to be in the city, suburbs, or a small rural town? Fortunately for you, Texas has it all!

But which city is right for you?

As a licensed REALTOR® and relocation specialist, my primary goal is to help you find housing options that meet your needs, desires, timeframe and budget. And though my real estate superpowers allow me to provide you with deals like waived application fees and free rent, the power to choose the perfect location lies solely with you.


The good news?

When you do decide, I'll be here to help you locate the perfect apartment to suit your needs. Plus, since I am compensated by the property management companies to whom I refer qualified clients...my services are FREE to you! Awesome right?


But it gets better!

Making a Smart Move has never been this easy...or rewarding! When you properly list me as a referral source on your guest card (during your initial visit to a property) and approved application, I'll send you a $25 e-gift card as thanks for your business! Have friends, family or colleagues looking to buy, sell or lease? Perfect! I'll offer them the same $25 e-gift card offer for a properly notated and approved application, and send you another $25 e-gift card for the referral!* 

Ready to make a Smart Move?

Submit: Fill out and submit the interest survey below.

Make: Make a selection from the property list that I provide.

Apply: Apply and get approved at your preferred property.

Request: Request and receive a $25 e-gift card.** 

Tell: Tell a friend and they'll earn $25 too!

*Referral gift cards are only rewarded to those properly listed on an initial SMART Lease Locating Interest Survey.

**Gift cards are only awarded to approved clients who 1)properly list Avery Calloway, Walzel Properties as their referral source when visiting and applying to participating properties, and 2)complete the SMART Money Gift Card Request Form.